Thursday, August 28, 2014

Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick , Matisse at the Legion & Soundwave at SOMArts

 Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick

 Matisse, La Conversation (The Conversation), 1938; oil on canvas, 18 3/8 in. x 21 3/4 in. (46.67 cm x 55.25 cm); Collection SFMOMA, Bequest of Mr. James D. Zellerbach; © Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Only a couple more days to catch Terry St. John at Dolby Chadwick and works by Matisse from SFMOMA, now at the Legion through early September

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let us celebrate the birthday of Rufino Tamayo


August 26, 1899. Rufino Tamayo (August 26, 1899 - June 24, 1991) was a Mexican painter of Zapotec heritage, born in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. Tamayo was active in the mid-20th century in Mexico and New York, painting figurative abstraction with surrealist influences.

 Children's Games

After the Mexican Revolution, Tamayo devoted himself to creating an identity in his work. Tamayo expressed what he believed was the traditional Mexico, and refused to make overtly political works,
Moon and Sun

Tamayo was one of the first artists to utlize a new type of printed artwork called “mixografía.” Mixografía consisted of artwork printed on paper, but with depth and texture. One of his most famous mixografía was titled Dos Personajes Atacados por Perros or (“Two Characters Attacked by Dogs”).

Tres Personajes, the 1970 painting stolen over twenty years ago and featured on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow was found on a New York City street by New Yorker, Elizabeth Gibson, out for her morning coffee. Ms. Gibson noticed and rescued the painting from between garbage bags set out for morning collection, unaware that it had any significance until much later. “I know nothing of modern art but it didn’t seem right for any piece of art to be discarded like that,” she said.
The painting was purchased for 1.1 million dollars at auction.

Moon Dog

Obituary from NY Times:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

'From Two Arises Three," Korea Day and more at the Asian Art Museum

 The Tao gives birth to one
one gives birth to two
two gives birth to three
three gives birth to ten thousand things
—Laozi, Daode jing

 Sunday is KoreaDay at the Asian Art Museum and it's F R E E. Daylong extravaganza for all ages.

The 2nd floor galleries have two exhibits worth going out of the way to see. "From Two Arises Three" focuses on the work of two American contemporary artists working in uniquely Chinese styles: painter Arnold Chang and photographer Michael Cherney.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New watercolors

These are all watercolors - my first scans on my new computer. The scanning mechanism is awkward but since this is my first attempt, I am going to give it a few more tries before I decide whether to buy a separate scanner or not. All the pieces are chopped off at the ends so it's not possible to get a good idea of the flow of the paint, especially in the landscape one.

 Landscape. watercolor on Fabriano 90 lbs cold press paper. 11" x 14"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gustave Caillebotte

Born 19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894) Gustave Caillebotte was a French painter, member and patron of the group of artists known as Impressionists, though he painted in a much more realistic manner than many other artists in the group. Caillebotte was noted for his early interest in photography as an art form.

In his masterpiece, Paris Street; Rainy Day, Gustave Caillebotte brought an unusual monumentality and compositional control to a typical Impressionist subject, the new boulevards that were changing the Paris cityscape. The result is at once real and contrived, casual and choreographed. With its curiously detached figures, the canvas depicts the anonymity that the boulevards seemed to create. By the time it appeared in the third Impressionist exhibition, held in April 1877, the artist was 29 years old, a man of considerable wealth, and not only the youngest but also the most active member of the Impressionist group. He contributed six of his own canvases to the exhibition; played a leading part in its funding, organization, promotion, and installation; and lent a number of paintings by his colleagues that he owned.

Video of the painting being cleaned

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Links

We have 14 works appearing on billboards across the country! Mary Cassatt, "The Boating Party" - seen on a billboard in Oakland

Apply now for the 2014-15 fellowship! Make a difference in the Bay Area arts and culture sector

Today is Berry Gordy Day in the ! Berry will be at Oakland City Hall Plaza to accept this honor + will perform live!

Upcoming show at ARC: Please join us for the “FourSquared” Exhibition Opening Reception on Saturday, August 23rd, 7-10PM at Arc Gallery >

★ “FACE TO FACE: Using Facebook Effectively” with Michael Yochum on Wed. Sept. 3th, 7-9PM at Arc - $20 at door >

Today's shoe of the day is by Andrew Yeap. Come see it in person--the gallery is open from 10 - 3pm