Thursday, January 3, 2008

Morning Coffee

I gave myself a number of challenges on this piece. First of all, the face was much more difficult than I anticipated and I'm not completely happy with the results but I don't want to tinker with it any more for fear that I will mess up what I have. At one point, I was almost finished with the face but let a friend critique it. When I tried to apply his suggestions, the color was completely wrong and I had to paint over the area and start from the beginning. I wanted to work with more impasto and I'm moderately happy with that as well as the over all composition. I do have concerns that I am not being very original. I'm reading Richardson's biography of Picasso (the third volume) and it's very clear to me how traditional my work has become. But I don't much care for what passes for original these days so feel that it's best to just follow my own muse. Who knows? Maybe the world will catch up with me one of these days. Or maybe not. In any case, this was another difficult piece and it's given me a lot of satisfaction to finish it.

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