Friday, March 28, 2008

Cafe Trio

What I find so fascinating about this piece is where I started vs where I ended up. The painting gave me a lot of trouble. I didn't like the shapes or colors and didn't know which way to go. I am not a photo-realist and often feel that I'm walking a fine line between late 19th century realism and whatever it is that I do as an artist. I finally got so frustrated with this piece that I started painting over it and that's when the two chairs emerged as the most important elements on the canvas. I love the way that they glimmer mysteriously in the green haze, leaving the viewer to invent his or her own stories. Or at least, that's my hope. Go into the canvas, inhabit the space and invent your own story.

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namastenancy said...

It looks like you are turning a new corner in your work. In both 'Cafe Trio' and 'Red Chairs' you got rid of the background clutter and focused on one particular form. I like the idea of exploring one shape rather than doing a complicated panorama overloaded with objects that really don't contribute anything to the overall piece. Since I am partial to warm colors, I was attracted to the 'Red Chairs' more than the other. The placement of the chairs makes them the focus of the painting. Contrasting areas of color give the chairs something to 'work against'. In 'Cafe Trio' the chairs almost feel pushed out of the painting and really don't have much to interact with. I like your idea but I think it was better realized with 'Red Chairs'.