Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dana Frankfort: Aurobora Press

Faith / Yes / Blah Blah :
New Works on Paper by Dana Frankfort
September 2 - October 11
Without experimentation, no discovery;
Without discovery, no regeneration

Aurobora Press is one of my favorite galleries. Formerly a turn-of-the century firehouse, it's been beautifully crafted into a marvelous space to view contemporary prints, many of which were made there.

As a calligrapher and former commercial lettering artist, I found this work extremely exciting. I have just started to incorporate text into some of my art work and seeing her pieces got me thinking in all sorts of new ways. Her letters are printed, printed over and handwritten to create pieces of calligraphic complexity. It's not easy to do something new with letters, to create pieces that use text in a painterly way and not have it degenerate into neo-calligraphy loops. By letting go of the form of the beautiful letter, and focusing on shape and texture, Frankfort moves text into new realms.

147 Natoma, T: 415.546.7880; Open: M-Sa: 11AM - 5PM
*Images and motto from the Aurobora website

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