Friday, October 10, 2008

Rowan Morrison: New work by Raylene Gorum

Located on a rather inconspicuous corner of Berkeley, the store is an artistic and visual treat. Inside is a contemporary art gallery and artist's bookstore which also specializes in fine art books and self-published zines. Their upcoming show is an exhibit of new works by New York Artist Raylene Gorum.

"Volume Too"
Tapings and Prints by Raylene Gorum

She will be exhibiting selections from her well-traveled sketchbooks as well as what she refers to as "Tapings", large landscapes created using a wide variety of “tapes": such as hardware store varietals, custom manufactured editions, vinyl, and handmade silkscreen-textured adhesive panels. The Tapings, assembled upon translucent drafting film embellished with ink and watercolor, draw on themes of fantastical urbanity and its tenuous relationship to the natural landscape. What makes these collage pieces so intriguing is Raylene’s knowledge and confidence in Architectural draftsmanship.

"Volume Too" is a series of such Tapings in which Gorum engages in a dialogue with the acclaimed Japanese woodblock print artist, Hiroshige.

Both artists 'draw with a knife', producing their works by precise cutting (he to wood, she to tape), and share a celebration of color. Gorum quotes compositions from Hiroshige's prints of travelers in Edo period Japan, exchanging villagers with modern characters in distorted American vistas.

Opening Reception: Saturday October 11th, 7pm - 10pm
October 11th - November 15th

330 40th Street (at Broadway)
Oakland, California, 94609

image from their website

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