Monday, December 29, 2008

Shows to catch before the end of the year

Femina Potens: Oh oh oh Christ! Religious Iconography
Artists who glorify beauty with religious iconography in their photography, paintings, and mixed media artwork.

Triangle Gallery: Three artists who work on Paper

The Shape of Things: Paper Traditions and Transformations at the Museum of Folk and Craft.
The history of cut, folded and molded paper

A Tribute to Bruce Conner at Gallery Paule Anglim


tangobaby said...

Will you take me on an art gallery tour? The Paper Traditions one sounds like a must see! (Actually, all of them do.)

namastenancy said...

I'd love to take you on a gallery tour; the Paper Traditions show has an entrance fee but none of the other ones do.

Sheree Rensel said...

Those Andy Black pieces at Triangle look luscious!!!

namastenancy said...

They are - his work was the best of the three (IMHO). Of course, I love rich, luscious paint which he does very well.