Monday, December 8, 2008

Not a happy Monday

Steven Winn leaves the Chronicle: Another sign of the times; I always enjoyed his writing. Now, the only regular critic we have left is Kenneth Baker.

The other art news of the day is that the Presidio Trust's "revision" of the Fisher Museum at the Presidio is just as much of a fiasco as the older plans.

The Trust’s newest proposal would still place a huge contemporary art museum at the center and top of the historic parade ground on the Presidio’s Main Post and leave the Trust’s massive, upscale hotel and movie theater plans largely unchanged.


Chris Rusak said...

Why do they refuse to leave well enough alone? Can't we just preserve open space while we have some left in this country? It's so depressing....

I love contemporary art, it's my lifeblood, but why not build the Fisher in Yosemite... it's proportionately as far away and horribly removed from everything as the Presidio is from where the people (and tourists) are in this town. Do they expect the Fisher to save the Culture Bus?

There are 5000 better places in downtown, 20 of which are on Sixth St, that a museum for the masses should be.


namastenancy said...

Sing it brother! The Fog City comment section also has some information on how much it would cost Muni to run a new bus line out to the Presidio. There is no logical reason why Fisher's art collection can 't be shown at SF MOMA. But it's all about the ego. I am hoping that this horrible economic climate will prevent this monstrosity from going up but money does talk louder than common sense, preserving a precious resource or even making art accessible without increasing our ecological footprint.