Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Artists as optimists AND activists

The cliché of the depressed artist, isolated in the studio, is belied by the optimism and creativity of artists across the USA, who did not rest for the New Year.


I don't think western civilization or even America is going down the tubes indefinitely, but I do think that crises are opportunities. And that there are some legitimate crises on deck. And that we are in for a really messy, really total shift in worldview.

This really freaks me out. But I'm just going to try to keep making art, and keep letting all this information in, even though what I really want to do is jam my fingers into my ears and take up permanent residence at the Piplotti Rist show at the MoMA. And I will try not to rant or worry here or anywhere else about how we are all falling off a cliff.


Either something great's going to happen that I could never have discovered any other way, or I'll have to throw away a few hundred pounds of Irredemable Ugliness in a couple of months and start over.


Kudos to Eva Lake for her efforts to raise money for education regarding the mentally ill:

Currently in production and directed by Brian Lindstrom, Alien Boy tells of the life and the death of James Chasse. A couple of years ago my online diary was full of his story: an artist on the forefront of the Portland punk scene, a maker of fanzines, a singer in a band and someone who struggled with schizophrenia. He died in police custody after an altercation with them and they probably should not have been dealing with him anyway
So I’m organizing events, house parties and finding ways to unite people so they can verbalize their concerns, get to action - and help us finish this film! We’ve already had some powerful success and Brian Lindstrom has a beautiful track record.


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Thanks so much for this Nancy!