Thursday, October 1, 2009

Julie Mitchell: I live here

My friend Julie, who writes the delightful blog “TangoBaby” has an interview in the SF Chronicle! It's is about her photography and bloggling project, “I live here: SF." She's delightful as well as talented and I hope that this bit of PR will bring her more well-deserved acclaim (and business).

"It really is all about (the subject)," Michelle says. "They write their story, they edit their photo set, they pick their location. ... That's all a part of their story."

Image from her website


Zoomie said...

I saw that and wondered if you had seen it. Neat project! Has she interviewed/photographed you yet?

namastenancy said...

She did offer but I whimped out - I hate to be photographed (as you know).

Zoomie said...

It says in the article that she lets you choose the photograph you like best. Ask her to photograph your gorgeous blue eyes as she has in that picture of her eye (but do both of yours) - or the cute smile? How can you miss the opportunity to be featured in that elite group???