Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Open Studios

It was a beautiful day, just perfect for going to the park or the beach but it was also the weekend of Open Studios. Looking at trumps the more prosaic pleasures of a lazy day in San Francisco - or at least it did yesterday. For various reasons, I wasn't participating in the Spring Open Studios this year but I knew how hard artists work to get their studios ready for visitors. It would have been rude and remiss of me not to go. Besides, Robert Vo, a new member of SOMA Artists Studios was helping put things together for the weekend, including curating the work which is now hanging on the gallery walls. He's not only my next-door-neighbor at the studio but a thoroughly nice guy. Such hard work and niceness deserves reward.The space looked gorgeous and I heard that Friday night was a blast.
SOMA Artists Studios: 689 Bryant St, SF. 
Unfortunately the web site hasn't been updated in a while but many of these artists can be contacted here:

Renee Eaton. Rose Garden 1

John Fitzsimmons, Earth Angel 1. 

There is a fairly new art space up the hill at 340 Bryant. It's not very accessible for those of us on foot but there are parking spaces in front for those going by car. The building is tucked underneath the Bay Bridge and yet, from certain angles, you can see the bay and a dusty hill dotted with bright orange California poppies. My blogging friend and mentor, Anna Conti, had introduced me to Sandy Yagi last fall and I was very curious to see her work in person. There's a reason her blog is titled "Beyond the Comfort Zone" because the combination of Mary Shelly meets Albrecht Dürer would be beyond many people's comfort zone. Images of dancing skeletons, anatomically perfect skulls with lizards in the brain cavity don't begin to describe her exquisite technical skills, macabre subject matter and yes, sense of humor. I think that her work is the most unique that I've seen in quite some time; she certainly stood out during my Open Studios walk this weekend.

other artists at 340 Bryant St:
Karl Roeseler - charming Matisse inspired lino prints

Florence Gray

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