Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pretty, pretty pictures

Some images from the up-and-coming shows. One of the choice treasures of the fall season is already up at the Berkeley Art Museum -three galleries, 112 masterpieces from Japan

 Lotus in Rain. Ink on Silk. Clark Family Collection - now on display at the Berkeley Art Musuem

 Pietro Antonio Rotari (1707–1762), Young Woman with Bonnet and White Shawl, Holding a Book, Known as "The Virtuous Girl," 18th century, oil on canvas. Marei von Saher, the heir of Jacques Goudstikker. CJM. Opening in October.

And, naturally, a few images from the season's blockbuster- Post-Impressionism at the De Young:

Gauguin. Nature Mort a la eventail.


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Zoomie said...

Oooh, all delicious! Can't wait!