Sunday, February 27, 2011

Louis Armstrong "St. Louis Blues" 1933

The visuals aren't much but the music - hot, sweet and full of joy. 

Today's Cooking with Nancy dish is mustard greens cooked with a little cornmeal, punjabi-style. I will go into my changes later but there is not going to be a photo. Even a food stylist would have a hard time making a heap o'greens look decent, much less eatable. Even if the taste is great, green glop is not inspiring.


cookiecrumb said...

Well, you could at least tell us how it's made! Not asking for a recipe, just a guideline. That sounds like FOOD.

(Friend of mine suggests miniature dishes if the food looks gloppy. Close up. I actually have doll dishes.)


namastenancy said...

Never fear, cookie dear - I'm working on a post to be tentatively titled "Meatless Monday" or aka, "Jolly Green Glop." But I went to the studio and started working on a new painting so time just slipped away. But the recipe with changes is up and coming.