Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre? at the CJM

"The world is full of pain and horror. Neither morals prevail, nor reason. Friendship and trust are destroyed. Are we standing on the threshold of a new era? Oh, if only peace were not so far away. But whatever may happen. There is still nature - immutable and beautiful - the flowers bloom. Bird song echoes, and silvery moonlight envelopes sea and mountain all around in a light mist'. 'Why the search for the meaning of creation? Why the questions about where from, where to? Thus will our ashes also not fade away'.

Charlotte Salomon. Life? or Theatre? at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

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A Cuban In London said...

There is still nature. I'll that thought with me today. And I loved that image you posted. Blue kills me, I'm a 'blue' person.

Greetings from London.