Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty in pastel

More pastel pieces in honor of spring. Now I just cleaned my home studio so I will not be using this medium there for a while. I love working with pastels but it's a messy, fragile medium. Once I have finished a piece, then there's the problem of fixative, where do I store it and can I ever sell it?

But I don't let those practical considerations stop me. After all, I can always throw them away. Copying the old masters is a part of art education that's often neglected these days. It was what I started out doing, back when my father was stationed in Italy.  I could go with my class to various museums and copy what I saw. It was years before I realized how important that technical training was and when I went to the SFAI, I really missed it. Do your own thing is fine if you really know what that "thing" is but if you haven't a clue, the hands off theories don't work very well.

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