Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Changes at Chez NamasteNancy

My writing and other projects are keeping me so busy that it's not economically feasible to maintain a separate space for painting. I'm cleaning up, sorting out and moving my art to my home where I can put it up and enjoy it.

As the solstice dawns, I will be closing one chapter in my life and opening another. If the past is prologue, then the new chapter should be full of challenges, joys and some sorrow, new acquaintances and old friends.

So, let us turn the page together.



Zoomie said...

How nice to have your work around you - I'm still enjoying the red high heels, so I know what a pleasure it is to have your work around _me_! :-)

namastenancy said...
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namastenancy said...

I'm glad that you still are enjoying Ms Red Shoes Mama! And yes, it's fun to move the work around and see where it works best. I'm also happy to be back working at home. I really like "living with a piece" for a while and thinking about it before I think it's finished. The hassles with the studio kept on mounting, from cutbacks in MUNI which meant that it took longer to get there and the increased belligerence of the street people hanging around the bus stop (the city put in a clinic for the mentally ill right next to our space). But another rent increase combined with my asthma to the dust, were the deciding factor. So, now I have the pleasure of being able to live with my own work. It's pretty good, if I say so myself. I think I'm going to put the "lady at the back" over my bed and one of my boat paintings where I can see it when I get up...or I might......decisions! decisions!

Sheree Rensel said...

As you know, I am doing the same thing. This is hard because I am such a loner and having a downtown studio was important just too get OUT. However, it isn't economically feasible. Also, I like having all my STUFF at my home studio. It just makes more sense in so many ways. I will have to deal with the lack of visibility in other ways. However to be honest, I am not sure I was all that visible at the studio downtown. My art seems to be a square peg trying to fit into a St. Petersburg round hole. Oh well. I like the weather here.

namastenancy said...
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