Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Links

 In an ongoing effort to make its digital educational, historical and cultural resources available to web users across a broad spectrum of platforms, the Library of Congress today launched "The Library of Congress on iTunes U."

At its inception, the Library’s iTunes U site includes historical videos from the Library’s moving-image collections such as original Edison films and a series of 1904 films from the Westinghouse Works and original videos such as author presentations from the National Book Festival, the "Books and Beyond" series, lectures from the Kluge Center, and the "Journeys and Crossings "series of discussions with curators.

Smithsonian Magazine on line has an excellent series of essays, one on the creation of Arlington Cemetery.

What is sad and indeed, disgusting, are the ugly comments from those who are still fighting the Civil War on the side of the South. Many apparently still believe that the US Government had no right to end slavery and that Robert E. Lee's slave plantation was illegally and shamefully annexed to hold the war dead.

When I watched Ken Burn's wonderful series on the Civil War, I remember thinking that the South had triumphed in the end. Blacks were relegated to slavery, in reality, if not in law. It's a battle that is still being fought, now more bitterly than ever as we have a man of mixed race in the White House.

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