Monday, July 16, 2012

Misadventures on waffle making

I love waffles, love the crispy texture and all those little pockets which are just perfect for capturing butter and syrup. But I have not been able to find a waffle maker that's small enough for one person. Everything is just too big.

I subscribe to a list from an Amish store in the Midwest called "Lehman's" and have bought a number of items from them. They are old fashioned, with goods that are sturdy and basic -- just my kind of stuff.

So when I saw the old fashioned waffle iron on their website, I thought I had found  a winner. It's small, made of cast iron, and you bake the waffles on the top of the stove. How could I lose?

Ah ha ha...little did I know that the little waffle iron was possessed by an evil spirit. You know, the one that causes you to burn your favorite recipe that you've made a 100 times or makes the cake or bread flop when you just know you've followed the instructions to the letter.

Yeah. That one.

I followed the directions, made my batter from a recipe in Joy of Cooking and let it sit on the counter because I wanted a more sour, tangy waffle. I seasoned the cast iron three times, following some info that I found on various websites.

None of my attempts worked. The waffles were either raw in the middle and stuck to the pan, burned on one end and raw in the middle...and stuck to the pan.

Or they were somewhat remotely eatable...but still stuck to the pan. I had to soak the pan for a couple of days to clean out all the waffle fragments.

Obviously my waffle making abilities are seriously inadequate. I think that I will continue my search for a more modern waffle iron and have the occasional waffle at the local diner. They aren't perfect but I don't have to clean up afterwards.

You can't have everything.

The Amateur Gourmet's loving tribute to Marion Cunningham, the author of "Joy of Cooking" and her fantastic waffle recipe.


Zoomie said...

You might try spraying the iron with cooking spray - just lightly - before cooking the first waffle of the day. My waffle iron is practically an antique but even with all those years of seasoning, it benefits from a little spritz of cooking spray just before the first waffle. Worth a try, anyway...

namastenancy said...

I did! I tried everything, even put some Crisco on it - but nothing works. I just don't have the knack.