Sunday, November 25, 2012

God is in the mountain by Ezra Jack Keats

I was so impressed by Keat's work at the show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum that I am now trying to collect some of it. I do collect some illustrated children's books because I think that's some of the best art work that you can see -- and afford.

Unfortunately a lot of Keat's work is of print and very expensive. One edition of "God is in the mountain"  is on sale at for $495.08! I assume that it's a first edition or signed by the author because that is an unbelievably high price for an author who is almost contemporary. The seller isn't giving any information as to the reason for the high price so I am only guessing.

I have been trying to buy Ezra Jack Keat's book "God is on the Mountain" all day from Allibris which has the most reasonable prices. 
However, they keep saying that they are "having difficulties." I just hope that when they stop having "difficulties," that the books haven't been sold out!!!!!
 I checked the public library to see if there was anything that I could check out. What's sad is that every book in the library by this author is either "library use only" or stolen, lost or missing. That's a very sobering comment on the ethics of those who use the library and steal what belongs to all of

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Zoomie said...

Have you thought of calling around to some used book stores in your neighborhood/area? You might luck into a copy for far less than $495!