Friday, August 8, 2014

The Saga of the Printer

My old printer has been slowly dying for some months. My new printer was delivered some time ago but I wanted to get the last bit of work out of the old one.

However, my old one really died this morning - the sound of gears clashing could have awakened the dead. So I knew it was time. I hated to see my ink go to waste so if anybody has a Canon MP 620, the unopened ink is free for the taking. I won't ship across country but otherwise, there's a lot of money going to waste.

By 5 PM I was half way there - printer unboxed - ton of plastic, ink cartridges put in, printer initialized and software downloading. Not too shabby. By now you would think I would not be nervous about a new printer - I have had many over the years, installed them without much trouble and worked them until they died.

And now at 6 PM - SUCCESS. Drivers installed and the first document printed out.


Tomorrow I will see how to scan and print out on fancy paper. Sufficient unto the day....


Zoomie said...

Hope it prints images as beautiful as the originals!

nancy namaste said...

Me too!