Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy birthday to Edvard Munch

Happy birthday to Edvard Munch, an undisputed master of the print medium - as well as that more famous poster that most of us had on our walls at one time or another. Born on this day in 1863

 Munch was born in Norway on December 12, 1863. He was the son of a priest, and lter wrote “My father was temperamentally nervous and obsessively religious—to the point of psychoneurosis. From him I inherited the seeds of madness. The angels of fear, sorrow, and death stood by my side since the day I was born.”

The Scream is Munch's most famous work and one of the most recognizable paintings in all art. It has been widely interpreted as representing the universal anxiety of modern man.

Painted with broad bands of garish color and highly simplified forms, and employing a high viewpoint, the agonized figure is reduced to a garbed skull in the throes of an emotional crisis.
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