Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Complete Alice in Wonderland on Line

In the 150 years since the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s story has become more than a literary classic; it is part of our collective cultural imagination. Its illustrations, originally conceived by Carroll, realized by John Tenniel, and reinterpreted by hundreds of artists, are instantly recognizable; its nonsense songs and memorable lines are frequently quoted and repurposed by countless admirers.

This exhibition explores the incredible influence the book has achieved, through Houghton Library’s rich collection of Carrolliana, compiled principally by Harcourt Amory (Harvard 1876) and given to Harvard by his widow and children in 1927.

Photoset of Albrecht Dürer's work: Featured in this post is the 1535 Latin edition of Four Books on Measurement printed in Paris:

Marks of Genius at the Bodleian - Four centuries of works which can be considered works of genius:

Guess we all know what this means: 'ISIS Captures Most Of Ancient Syrian City Of Palmyra'

Check out all of the amazing workshops and events we have to offer this year at the @sfiaf!:

Weekend Guide from 7x7: 

Summer Art Destinations:

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