Saturday, September 12, 2015

Big Sky Montana

I have been traveling toward the midwest for about a week and it's been a revelation.

Montana is aptly nicknamed Big Sky. After we left Helena and headed toward North Dakota, we went for miles and miles and only saw cows, farmhouses and one eagle. The land is hot and dusty in September but is was also exciting to drive along the Yellowstone River, the same river that Lewis and Clark paddled down on their way back to St. Louis.

We had lunch at the only spot where Lewis left any trace of his being there - an odd outcropping of rock named in honor of Sacajawea's son.

Although much of the scenery hasn't been very exciting, I have gotten more of a sense of the country away from the coast. I am discovering that a place does not have to have bright light to be fascinating.

Tomorrow I hope to see some buffalo but we shall see - enjoying this journey is not dependent on sighting buffalo. 

There will be lots more to come about this trip but this will have to do for now. I need to get to bed because we are leaving early tomorrow.

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