Friday, November 20, 2015

North Dakota, the next leg of our journey

The day we spent driving through North Dakota was probably the most boring and uncomfortable part of the journey, It was hot and dry, the scenery monotonous and there wasn't a human in sight. It was so flat that we probably could have stood on top of the car and seen all the way to Canada.

We passed harvested fields but seldom saw a human being. There might have been a few cows in the distance but I can't swear it.

Even the rest stop was hot, with wind from the south that blew a scorching breeze; it wasn't much cooler even under the trees. Normally I can pass the time by imaging the acres occupied by buffalo and the various native American tribes that originally made this area their home.

But not this time. It was too. darn. hot. However, I did get a sense of the prairie and the extremes of hot and cold on these flat spaces of land.

I was glad when Fargo came into view and we crossed from North Dakota to Minnesota. And on to the next leg of our journey...

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