Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy birthday Maurice Utrillo

December 26, 1883. Maurice Utrillo (born Maurice Valadon (26 December 1883 ? 5 November 1955), was a French painter who specialized in cityscapes. Born in the Montmartre quarter of Paris, France, Utrillo is one of the few famous painters of Montmartre who were born there.

Although his life also was plagued by alcoholism, he lived into his seventies. Maurice Utrillo died on 5 November 1955 in Hotel Splendid in Dax of a lung disease, and was buried in the Cimetière Saint-Vincent in Montmartre.

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Carla Ives said...

I had never heard of Maurice Utrillo, but the image you posted intrigued me so I decided to take a look. I then went to Google Images and brought up a catalog of his work. It may be popular with teens and young adults, both of which I am NOT, but I like it. Thanks, once again, for introducing me to another artist.