Friday, April 28, 2017

Urs Fischer at the Legion

"Urs Fischer: The Public & the Private," at the Legion of Honor purports to be a dialogue between contemporay and traditional art. If this is supposed to be a conversation, it's one between a tone deaf contemporary artist and the grace and beauty of traditional art and Rodin at the Legion. I understand the desire of our museum curators to introduce us, the obviously brain dead in their opinion, to modern art. Might I suggest that the latest exhibit would have worked better in some open, empty space. Putting this junk next to Rodin or in a room of 18th century paintings just highlights its crude nature.

He's a hot shot in the world of contemporary art, winning many prizes and accolades. Well, good for him. But I prefer to view my Rubens and Rembrandt without the distraction of crude art.

“In the 100 year history of the Legion of Honor,” says the director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in a press release, “this is the first exhibition to bring works by a contemporary artist into dialogue with a wide range of the Museum’s permanent holdings.”

Not exactly true as Charles Desmaris points out, but no matter. The mantra of the day is "shake it up babe." Never mind that works of this nature abound in in the galleries and studios of the Bay Area. But we only have ONE museum that honors the giants of Western art. One Rubens. One Rembrant, A few half dozen Gothic masterpieces. You can love art, love contemporary art - I can think of a dozen artists whose work I like - and still wish that the one oasis of tradition would be respected for what it is.

Christopher Knight of the LA TImes was not impressed either: here

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Carla Ives said...

This is not the type of art I like. I have to admit it is interesting, though. But to put it next to Rembrandt and Rubens. . . . well. . . I wouldn't think so, but today is a new age for new tastes and styles. I still prefer my Rembrandt and Rubens straight up, no chaser.