Monday, March 3, 2008

Art Links on Monday

While I wait for my laundry to dry..

One of my very favorite art blogs specializes on Japanese art and Western art that's influenced by Japanese Art. The current post is on Onnagata, female impersonators in Japanese theatre:
Vanity, thy name is onnagata:

Joanne Mattera has a marvelous post on a current exhibit of Larry Poons work as well as a four-part series on geometric abstraction. Lines and squares are not my thing but I gained a new respect for the art work through her informed comments.

Art and Perception - interesting post on commissioned portraits:The work is stunning and do read the comments which are quite perceptive:

Baby Smith - fun blog and really unique art work from found objects.

Neda has a new series of collage work up at her blog as well as a gallery featured her own work and that of her sister. What she does with collage is amazing!

The blog of an emerging and struggling artist: well informed and informative. I wish her well because she's chosen a very difficult path. She works in Encaustic and her post on shipping artwork is worth reading.

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