Monday, April 21, 2008

The morning after

Friday night went very well - lots of confusion in the beginning as the artists who were supposed to set out the food didn't - so some of us pitched in (guess who?). I had some great conversations with people, met some local bloggers including SF Mike who writes one of my favorite blogs, sold some work and had the usual frustration at those who came and treated us as a "eat all you can" buffet. Most people are nice but it only takes a couple of demanding and selfish types to mess up our plans to have enough food and wine for the weekend. In this case, it was a couple of older men, well dressed and obviously affluent, who stood by the food table and scarfed down two huge sushi trays, a tray of cheese and crackers, two bottles of wine - and then, went into the kitchen where I was setting up another food tray and demanded that I put out more food and open more wine for them! I almost said that this is not an "all you can eat" event but refrained but pointed out that this was the end of our food and that we were also down to our last two bottles of wine. They made some comment about how we should then buy more and I snipped back (by that time I was snippy) that they were certainly welcome to donate to our food budget as we met all the costs out of our own pocket. I smiled a shark smile at them and they backed down but we may change our policy for the fall show. The costs of hosting these events is going up all the time and we are hit in the pocketbook just like everybody else.

The auction for Suicide Prevention was a success and I really enjoyed most of the people that I met. It was refreshing to talk to a lot of people about art and to see so many who were engaged at looking at what was on the wall. The young lady that I sold my two lilies too (the ones in the post below) was charming and her friends were full of energy and enthusiasm about everything they were looking at. The next two days were quiet but I had a steady stream of friends and other people just wandering in so I wasn't bored. I'll post some photos later and hopefully, will have time this week to look at what's around the galleries. I've been so preoccupied with "our" show as well as school that I haven't gotten out and about as much as I'd like. Still, each opening that I do is another milestone in my journey toward thinking of myself as a full-time "painter." One good thing about being in my studio for two days and not being able to pick up a brush was the time spent in evaluating how far I've come since I retired. Well, let's say I HOPE that I've gotten better but I'm hardly the most objective judge of that.

I know that Gallery 415 has some installation art that I'd like to see and I haven't written about the new show at Lincart or anything at 450 Sutter or Geary St. I've also been thinking about trying to interview some local artists. Eva Lake was here last month and gave me a lot of new ideas.

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Eva Lake:
Pictures to come.

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