Saturday, January 3, 2009

After Tapies

Sheree of mentioned how much she liked Tapies - who is a also a favorite of mine. In an example of artistic synchronicity, I saw this wall this afternoon; it's not a painting but what was underneath a billboard after it was torn down. Sometimes life does provide us with artistic surprises and I'm going to consider this a good omen for the new year.

I've also been researching writings about poetry and painters, the similarities, the things that are not similar, the visual vs the verbal and found this site of poems about painters and art. This part of a poem on Morris Graves also seem to speak of Tapies and his mysterious iconography of signs:

two streams
which are the twin streams
of oblivion
wherein the imagination
turning upon itself
with white electric vision
refinds itself still mad
and unfed
among the hebrides
from: the wounded wilderness of Morris Graves by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Martha Marshall said...

I love Tapies as well. And what a wonderful found image.

Thanks for that link! (Found you on Sheree's blogroll.)

namastenancy said...

Welcome to Chez Nancy; pull up a chair and visit and comment to your heart's content. Sheree's blog is delightful - reading it is one of my daily pleasures.