Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Dimension of Ink, #1 by Zheng Chongbin (at the Asian)

Born in Shanghai (1961),  Zheng Chongbin studied in China before traveling to the U.S.l where he received am MFA from the SFAI in 1991. He now spends his time between China and the U.S.. His work reflects influences from both cultures - Chinese Ink meets Franz Kline!  His work is abstract and yet, resonates with subtle reminders of traditional Chinese landscape painting. He paints with ink on paper but uses acrylic and fixer to create a sense of depth and darken the blacks for greater contrast.  When I heard him talk, he spoke of how traditional Chinese painting - particularly contemporary traditional painting - can suffer from washed out colors and lack of spacial depth. 

information from the catalogue of the exhibit: Shanghai, Art of the City
Image courtesy of the Asian Art Museum and Michelle Dillworth. 

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