Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pearl Paint Closings

At yesterday's round table discussion at SF MOMA, we were discussing Pearl Paint closing and the potential future of that stretch of Market St. A couple of us had lived in NY and were curious about the flag ship store. Apparently it's in trouble as well:


Lia said...

I live in Chicago and used to love, love Pearl Paint here--it had a certain non-glitz grit about it and you could wander the aisles in fascination for hours...but about 3 years ago, some of their really knowledgeable staff was gone (unsure why), and the shelves were a lot barer. I often left without finding what I wanted. This pushed me to the internet and a local Blick which is a bit slick for my tastes. Instead of trying to compete it seems, they decided to give up the ghost. I wonder how long they'll last in Chi town.

namastenancy said...

The Pearl store here had some of the same vibe but it was in a dirty and dangerous stretch of Market St. Plus, the employees were not only unhelpful but rude to boot. I used to use a lot of rubber stamps in the altered books that I make for myself and they completely closed out the stamp selection. Then, other supplies went, one by one and in this economy and with their stock, it was only a matter of time. We are lucky here in SF to have both Blick and Utrecht so there is a bit of a choice. But I also like Daniel Smith which is mail order.
BTW - I went and read your blog. It's fascinating. Also, thanks for the link to "Earth as you have never seen it." Those are gorgeous images and, as you say, very inspirational.

gage opdenbrouw said...

the company was a bit crooked--i worked there as a student, and the pay was very low--combine that with the location, and you get surly staff.

probably 8 years ago the owner was busted embezzling cash from the company--literally like 'the killing' where boxes of cash come open on the runway. so i think the chickens finally came home. hope you stocked up on paint!!