Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

Picked up while wandering through the Internet:

Dimensions of Ink - from the current show at the Asian Art Museum

Joanne Mattera's always insightful Marketing Mondays

Reduce fees and boost city funding of the arts?
This is particularly relevant to me as SF makes artists in the city pay a license fee. The law states that you don't have to pay the fee if you are open less than four days a year. Most of us are only open only two days a year - during Open Studios - yet the city is rigidly insisting that we all fork over. It's not a lot of money but it's indicative of an attitude toward local artists that is not supportive or friendly.

Members of the Long Beach City Council hope to get City Hall off the backs of working artists, street performers and informal arts venues such as galleries, bookstores and coffee houses, while impaneling a new commission to brainstorm ways to boost the city government’s funding of the arts.


The outsourcing of arts education?

The certified arts teachers are getting it from all sides. Not only do they have to worry about a narrowing of the curriculum in an accountability zeitgeist run amuck, but they are being attacked as all certified teachers are for the quality of their training and performance while facing the growing issue of alternative certification. And yes, they are greatly concerned about teachers being asked to teach the arts who are licensed in other subject areas.


Google Opt Out?

But when does opportunity become exploitation? A recent report called Emerging Workers, produced by the Arts Group, a body representing arts students and graduates, is not mincing its words. It has called the large number of unpaid jobs in the creative sector "exploitation" and is calling for legislation to regulate the use of unpaid internships by arts organisations, suggesting that all placements over a month should be paid the national minimum wage.


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