Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Luc Tuymans -The Architect (1997) © Collection Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden
Oil on canvas. 113 x 144.5 cm
I spent the morning previewing the new show at SFMOMA - Luc Tuymans, a contemporary Belgium painter who is is reputed to be "one of the most significant painters working today." It's sure to be the new "hot ticket" in town but I'm a bit cynical about the hype. But more about that later; I have to let my impressions mature (mutate? ferment) for a bit before I come to a more nuanced conclusion.

More on the Westboro Baptist Church comes to town circus; SF out maneuvers and out protests the protesters. If it’s one thing we do well, it’s theatre of the absurd.

“God sure hates a lot of things these days. Does he hate ponies because gay people like to ride them? Or is it because tiny horses really tick him off?”

Also over at Princess Sparkle Pony

Matty Boy’s clever and insightful column – God gets Rickrolled via Matty Boy

The new guy at the met via Culture Girl. Skip the “Jeff Koons paints’ part unless you are a glutton for unnecessary punishment.

I like his taste in painting; he chose this to hang in his private office

In drawing classes, enough with the uber-skinny -if I wanted to draw a bone, I would have taken anatomy! The general belief is that models for figure-drawing classes need to have picture-perfect figures. But across the region, colleges and art schools say they're in desperate need of different bodies to pose, usually naked but not always, for figure-drawing, anatomy, and animation classes.

It's a challenge that's been around since the aerobicized decades of the '80s and '90s, said McKenna, who has been model coordinator for four years. Women in particular feel they don't fit the model images of television (think America's Next Top Model) and magazines.

The invisibility of older women artists
 One of the observations made by Sylvia is how hard other women on are on women artists. The one comment on this page was from a woman, who had never met Sylvia, and yet, was harshly judgmental of her.

Where are the arts important?
The arts play a vital role in virtually every community across the nation. It is not simply rich New Yorkers who care about music or dance or theater. People of all backgrounds and income levels are involved with the arts across the United States:

Ditch the show; keep the catalogue:

Turkish Women Artists and scroll down for a nice piece on Eva Hesse.

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