Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Dye For: A World Saturated With Color - opens at the De Young July 31st

Judith Content. 2003. (Marisma "Salt Marsh). The techniques in this one piece include wrap-and fold-resist dying, discharged, pieced, quilted, appliqued silk @ FAMSF
"To Dye For" is not a mystery novel to help pass the dog days of August but the latest in a long line of textile related exhibits at the De Young. Featuring tie-dyed textiles, this is not the amateur tie-die of the hippie era but a insightful cross cultural and historical look at this technique. The show features over 50 textiles and costumes that include a diverse array of resist-dye examples from the FAMSF's comprehensive collection.

Tie-dye is just one example of the resist-dye method, an inclusive term used for the process of dyeing textiles to form patterns by preventing dye from reaching specific areas of the cloth. Methods of resist dyeing include tie-dye, stitch-resist, batik or wax-resist dyeing, stencil-resist, mordant-resist, ikat (warp- or weft-resist dyeing), as well as other techniques.

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