Thursday, July 8, 2010

The World Cup

Well, it can't be all art, all the time! I am working on a post on the Fisher show which I saw on Monday but in the meantime, I am drawn to less intellectual pursuits. I am a recent convert to soccer so I don't really have a clue as to who will win on Sunday.

Diego Forlan (he's more than a pretty face) - from the losing team but still a class act.

But how could I resist? Resistance is futile! In every place I went to, the Latino staff had the TV on and were glued to the set, along with every body else in the room. And, as Matty Boy pointed out, the fans are friendly - I got tips, I got gossip, I got more food offered to me than I could possibly eat. As an older woman in America where being old and chubby is the new evil, to be treated with such friendly courtesy was charming and disarming.

Now, I've never been a fan of American football. The lumbering hulks never appealed to me plus I loathe the politics of football, both collegiate and professional. The politics of world soccer may not be any different but I don't know, and in this case, ignorance is bliss. But the aesthetics of soccer are something I do find appealing - the lithe bodies, the gorgeous physiques not hidden by layers of padding and (let's face it), the handsome men. Some of them are actually intelligent, speaking several languages and involved in significant charity work. Matty Boy's neat posts got me interested in soccer but it's the game that finally pulled me in.

The Dutch are totally capable of coming from behind, they have extraordinarily opportunistic and capable players in Sneijder, and I think they have the capacity to beat Spain (and I suspect that the bulk of the fans in the stadium will be wearing orange on Sunday as well.)

Matty Boy:

Diego Forlan:


Zoomie said...

Who knew they'd look this good under those baggy shirts? This post really is about art, after all. :-P

namastenancy said...

Of course. I knew that. The human body at a peak of perfection - a work of art. All roads lead to art?

Matty Boy said...

Some of them don't wear baggy shirts. The Ghana team wore these jerseys that looked like they would tear them off and start bumping and grinding at a moment's notice.

Thanks for the link love, Nancy.