Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kristina Quinones at Nieto Fine Art

Demand, 36"x60", Acrylic on Panel, 2010, Photographed by Don Felton, Almac Camera

Kristina Quinones, a 2010 Headlands Center for the Arts Affiliate Artist, creates work that is colorful, fluid and dynamic. She describes her work as made at the intersection of control and uncertainty. Paint is poured, manipulated and glossed to create images that evoke an exploration of our inner universe. Her work has a beautiful and elegant simplicity, great vital force and a mystic wonder at the the forces around us - a creation in paint of the kinds of images that we see via NASA's satellite explorations of the universe.

Ms. Quinones adds, "The grounding I feel through my work is an expression of the space that exists between these two phenomena. As the layers of color accumulate on each painting, the opportunity to manipulate the space between control and uncertainty diminishes. A sense of urgency arises, which is expressed in the textured movement of color. Paradoxically, as the process unfolds, my desire to control dissipates, and I am left with the ambiguous feeling of uncertainty. However, whereas in the past this ambiguity would disturb me, I now find the process reassuring. It is clear that, despite my best intentions, each piece will choose its own path."

Opening September 24th, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Nieto Fine Arts: 565 Sutter St, San Francisco
Kristina Quinones: www.kristinaq.com

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