Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Song of Seikilos (1st century Greek song)

As Long as you live, shine :
Ὅσον ζῇς, φαίνου,
Hoson zēs, phainou,
While you live, shine,
μηδὲν ὅλως σὺ λυποῦ·
mēden holōs sy lypou;
don't suffer anything at all;
πρὸς ὀλίγον ἐστὶ τὸ ζῆν,
pros oligon esti to zēn,
life exists only a short while,
τὸ τέλος ὁ xρόνος ἀπαιτεῖ.
to telos ho chronos apaitei.
and time demands its toll.

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