Monday, February 7, 2011

The art of drawing and the art of fashion

Two of my favorite blogs have posts about drawing, the absolute fundamental skill for any artist:

Liz Hager of Venetian Red writes about her drawing classes with Diane Oliver. I've wanted to take classes with Diane but either the time (night) or location (Ft. Mason and I don't have a car) haven't allowed me to work things out. 

Charlie Parker of Lines and Colors writes about a drawing book written by Harold Speed. Back in the day, this is the book that I used when I started studying drawing. I think that I still have my original copy which is pretty tattered and banged up by now. We also drew in museums and copied, whenever possible, the old masters. I realize how much art and art practice has changed in the last 50 years. I look at art all the time and it's obvious how much art making has changed. Is it for the better? I can't say - you be the judge. 

"Though illustrated, this book, like Speed’s well regarded book Oil Painting Techniques and Materials, is less “look and follow” instruction, and more “read and understand and then go practice”.

Speed, whose career spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries, carried forward the traditions of academic teaching, tempered with an understanding of the new paths then being blazed by the Impressionists and others."

Up next: Pulp Fashion at the Legion (Review to come) -


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, thanks for linking (yet again!) to VR. Diane is an outstanding teacher. Actually the class is actually up at City College campus (Ocean Ave), accessible by T/K line or bus. No excuses for you missy!

namastenancy said...

I didn't see that in the catalog - guess I will have to check more carefully next semester. But you know, "US" working journalists have very tight schedules!
Is that a valid excuse?