Thursday, February 10, 2011

Articles I wish I could have written: Twist and Crawl at Richmond, Arion Press

Twist and Crawl at NIAD in Richmond. @Paul Chin/SF Gate.
If I could cover all the art shows (and printing and calligraphy and assorted related topics) that I want to, I'd be out and about from 6 AM to midnight and beyond. I'd also need a car (!), and unlimited energy. But then, there wouldn't be time to write about all that I saw or paint my own pieces. So, I guess I have to accept my limitations.

Besides, this blog would then be as big as a daily paper and who would want to read it? I've read advice on how to get more readers - use big pictures, simple text and the occasional nude photo. Cute kittens would help as well. Alas, I ignore that advice almost every single day. However, I might start adding cute kittens; fuzzy little animals are always a delightful break from the news du jour. 

When I have tried to write about a controversial subject, as in a certain MFA show a year ago, I've gotten the kind of readers that I see up at SF Gate  - spiteful and nasty, determined to belittle and denigrate by making anonymous comments. I now monitor all comments to this blog because who needs another forum for hate and bigotry. Unfortunately, I can't seem to prevent anonymous comments on my articles at the so some comments are still appearing a year after my infamous review of the MFA show.
In any case, today's SF Gate has two very well written articles, one on a show by disabled artists in Richmond and another on Arion Press. Sam Whiting, who wrote the article on Arion press is not familiar to me but I've seen Jess Hamlin's byline on any number of well written articles. It's good to know that there are still some reporters at the Chron who can both write well and write well about art.
I used to work for SF's small presses and printing companies, almost all which have all gone the way of the dinosaur. But Arion survives and produces some of the most beautiful books around. I don't know if they will have a booth at the SF Book Fair this weekend but even if they don't, it's worth the trip to take a tour of their presses:


Kathy Hodge said...

I got a kick out of your theory to get more blog traffic, since I once tried the kitten technique myself. I thought my stats would go through the roof, but no (although I did get a rare comment).
I always find your blog interesting...with or without kittens!

namastenancy said...

LOL! I haven't gotten around to the kittens yet but maybe I should do something with the celebrity du jour or nakked people. Pop culture and porn seem like a winning combination for increasing blog traffic. Maybe if I lure them here under false pretenses, they would hang around and learn something - or maybe not.