Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slight update on the situation on Egyptian Antiquities

Well, DUH! Sure didn't take a rocket scientist to see this coming. The news from Egypt regarding their (and our) antique heritage continues to be grim:

Margaret Maitland has pictures and updates on the looted pieces, as ever.

"It is now two weeks since it was announced that a number of objects were missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and a month has passed since the actual break in when the objects taken. However, even though an official list of missing items was released, because of a lack of photos, inventory numbers, or detailed information, we still don’t actually know precisely what’s missing. It is possible that this information could be valuable in stopping the objects from leaving the country or being sold."

A good source on the damage, Talking Pyramids, reported yesterday:

"..looting continues in the pyramid fields with the raiding of storage warehouses south of Giza early yesterday morning.

Six guards and a policeman at the warehouses were bound and gagged by about 60 thieves who broke into the Selim Hassan artifact storehouse, which housed the reports of Dr. Selim Hassan's excavations from years 1929 till 1968."

I just read a breaking report that Hawass has quit - well big f&(Uking deal. He's already done incalculable damage. The Western press who popularized the bully and those who went along with him without asking any embarrassing questions are equally to blame. If radical Islamic groups take over Egypt's government, there could be even greater damage to the "pagan" artifacts of her past. Egypt isn't Afghanistan but this certainly wouldn't be the first time in history that art has been destroyed in the name of religion.

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