Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heading into the weekend at a slow slog

This flu has really sapped my energy. I force myself to get out and do a few things, and then come home for long, long naps. But I have managed to keep on posting. At least, that doesn't involve more than making my fingers move across the keyboard although my brain is so mushy that I have to check and double check to make sure that I'm not babbling nonsense.

Alexandra Blum, Spring Fever

Weekend picks up at my column -Mission Open Studios, last weekend for the abstract art at the Berkeley Art Museum, Charlotte Salomon at the CJM and the last weekend for the "Old Masters" at Creativity Explored:

and a couple more foodie articles are up as well - advice on how to deal with the flu and allergies with home remedies and a frugal recommendation for the best bakery store in SF:

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