Friday, April 1, 2011

La Loma Produce

Sixteenth street starts out in a fairly respectable part of town, runs through several financial, ethnic, geographical and weather zones before ending up at Third Street.  Some of the areas are grittier than others - the stretch between Valencia and South Van Ness is better known for bars and drug dealing than produce deals. But it's where the locals go to shop and with a modicum of caution, it seems perfectly safe. It's certainly interesting to watch the crowds ebb and flow across the BART station. There are the usual suspects - people on their way to work, mom's with crying kids in tow, the local guys and a few gals who hang out on the benches and who have obviously had a rough time in life. Sometimes there's music and sometimes there's a "Come to Jesus" guy haranguing the crowd. You can buy a taco, a fruit bar from one of the Salvadorian frozen treat carts or have lunch at a number of ethnic restaurants within walking distance. There's even a German restaurant over on 14th and South Van Ness.

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Bins of mangoes, papayas and peaches: 

BART at 16th and Mission (not trendy central but not hell either).

Este Noche - definitely not where your Valencia St. Hipster hangs out.

Beautiful tile mural, made by the kids at the local school 

Get yourself a two-fer...

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