Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The SF Asian Museum unveils its new logo

SF's Asian Art Museum launches a new logo to announce their "new" philosophy. Let's hope that it works better than the new signs. To this artist's eye, it's clumsy and ugly. Here's a case where the old adage, "if it aint' broke, don't fix it,' applies. 

SF Mike has an even better review with pictures up at his blog. As he accurately points out, with all the incredible design talent in the Bay Area, why use a British firm - that's already made a hash of the logo for the upcoming Olympics.

Do read the comments; they are even more critical than mine. 


Zoomie said...

I actually thought of that, but it seemed so silly that I discarded the notion. Why upside down? And why not Asian in character? And why not something with AAM, as it's full name might suggest?


namastenancy said...

Yes, nobody that I've talked to liked the new logo or feels that it represents the Asian. The comments on Mike's bog are even more direct than what I've written here. I'm sorry that Tim had to spend some time writing his letter but I'm not buying it.