Monday, October 17, 2011

Richard Serra at SFMOMA

After the 20th black on black painting the show became, dare I say it, boring? Would I be considered a philistine for saying so? Probably. One thing is for certain; if it weren't for Serra's international reputation, no museum would be showing all of these without some serious editing. 

Naturally Kenneth Baker thinks the work is fabulous and those who don't "get it" are "dull." Naturally, I disagree and think the adulation is completely misplaced. Black is the only color in the show and you won't have to worry about processing the imagery because there is none.

LOVE this comment, Mike Strickland's reaction to the Baker article at SF Gate. I know Mike and he doesn't pull any punches: "How does one write a sentence like: "Serra found his feet as an artist at the post-minimalist moment when he and several other contemporaries were trying to make process as manifest as possible in the final form of a work." with a straight face?

The drawings are actually black "paintstick" on paper and linen and feel more like paintings than drawings. The sculptures are gargantuan, manly schtick and I'm still praising the twist of fate that kept one of his huge rusted metal sculptures from defacing the front of the Palace of the Legion of Honor where the natural views are beyond sublime."

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sfmike said...

Glad you were amused. Kenneth Baker is usually better than that, but he has a tendency to drop into incomprehensible ArtSpeak at a moment's notice, especially with something like the Richard Serra stuff.