Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My valentine to Creativity Explored

I love this place - all the art is made by those who are "outside the main stream" of our society in one way or another.

Want a card for any occasion? Buy it here. Want unique art for your place? Buy it here! The current show of bold, colorful graphics by Pablo Calderon is my current favorite art show in S, If I were to send a valentine today, it would be to Creativity Explored or buy a Valentine Card, it would be from Creativity Explored.

Believing that all people have the ability to create, and that visual artistic expression is a viable means to enhance personal identity and growth, Florence and Elias Katz founded Creativity Explored in 1983. Our second studio site was opened in 1995 to provide adults with severe disabilities an opportunity to create visual art.

Valentine courtesy of Zachary Adams


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