Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am not a big sports fan but there have been some fun moments in these Olympics. Spoilers I guess but these really aren't surprises if you've glanced at any news in the last couple of days...


The sheer "take that, you Yanks" of Danny Boyle's opening ceremony, especially the extended homage to National Health Service (!).

There was a lot of what I think the Brits refer to as "taking the piss." Good for them - glad to see that they aren't adding to the over-the-top expensive theatrical artifice that's become the norm. 

The corgis running dramatically in slo-mo during the James Bond/Queen skit. 

Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig. 

Carrying the torch - Wesley from Harry Potter has sure grown up.

The parade of nations. SHUT UP, TV announcers.
- Michael Phelps

And the American gymnast who didn't qualify (WTF). 

Sun Yang, the Chinese swimmer who won the gold for the 400 m Men's Free Style, and the power and elegance with which he (seemingly effortlessly) out-swam his competition. 

I saw a bit of Women's weightlifting preliminaries and these ladies are not, like, super-big. They are compact and muscular and they have so much freaking power. Go powerful women, GO. 

 Human eye candy from every country on the planet. If I were younger I'd probably be drooling. Or planning better workouts.

The only thing missing was a little blue police box mysteriously appearing somewhere in the stadium.

In summation. Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig


Zoomie said...

I have enjoyed it all - the opening ceremonies, watching the amazing swimmers, gymnasts, dressage riders. I'm a sucker for the Olympics.

A Cuban In London said...

I'm proud to be a Cuban Londoner, or would that be a London Cuban? :-) Either way, to a refusenik like me, who saw the Olympics more as a waste of money than as an act "to bring people together" and "foster the Olympic spirit", at least the opening ceremony lived up to and succeeded my expectations.

The Queen bit was fun, too. But the miserable old git couldn't muster a smile throughout the entire ceremony.

Greetings from London.

namastenancy said...

In some ways, I am with you on the Olympics. I don't like the nationalism that it often encourages and wish there was a better way for athletes from different nations to connect without all the expense and hype. I also noticed that the Queen never smiled. What a party pooper but maybe the message of the opening ceremony was too "radical" for her? Still. Daniel Craig. Yum. Serious eye candy.