Monday, September 3, 2012

Marilyn Monroe's estate loses right to charge for image use

"In a battle with The Milton H. Greene Archives, a district court determined that Monroe LLC couldn't claim California residence based on the legal doctrine of judicial estoppel, which bars a party from asserting a position that's inconsistent from one offered in the past. The lower court's ruling came despite a 2007 amendment to California law that explicitly attempted to overturn a prior ruling in Monroe's battle with the Greene Archives."

"The dispute went up to the 9th Circuit of Appeals, which in a decision by Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw on Thursday, reviews the history of what happened to Marilyn Monroe after her death, and affirms the lower court's opinion."

 Ballerina series by Milton Greene.


lotusgreen said...

this kind of stuff is always so interesting to me

namastenancy said...

Monroe's images are so iconic and still so popular. No wonder her estate was charging for their use. The Milton Greene website has prices from $1500 and up for each photo. I think I'll just settle for a small jpeg from the Getty or AP wire services.

lotusgreen said...

yeah, well, for an absolutely non-commercial use i really think there's no problem.