Sunday, February 17, 2013

'Silence' at the Berkeley Art Museum

I had a very difficult time writing about this show. First of all, conceptual art is not something I like. Secondly, the idea of silence in this show was so vague the even some of our better professional art writers, like Stephen Winn, focused more on interviews and quotes about science and the brain, rather than the art.

Plus the Examiner template is very difficult to work with. I had several images and only one of them could be uploaded to the site. Some days I really wonder why I am doing this.

The joys of the show were seeing Magritte's pieces and a few other "real" paintings. But for a show that was supposed to be about silence, it was full of noise and discordant pieces.

Maybe that was the point.

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nancy namaste said...

To clarify, I liked some of the individual pieces - the Magritte, the de Chirico, some other artists whose names I forget. But why do a show on "Silence" and include a couple of obnoxious, loud, installation pieces? We know our world is noisy. That's not a secret. And there was an installation video of some speakers at Speakers Corner (poss in London). Silent Night was playing across the babble of voices. Oh har har. So clever. Then there were the pieces with "silence" stenciled across them and another piece which looked like two pieces of furniture jammed together. What's that all about?