Monday, February 25, 2013

Tagore poem for Paul.

Sarah Wells posted this on Paul's wall and I think it's so beautiful that I want to share. I am mostly OK with his passing. We have all known for a some time that he was getting closer to the end - but every now and then, something catches in my heart and I feel the tears start up.

He brought such fun and such a wealth of understanding and wisdom to our talks. I loved that he studied Jungian psychology, another interest of mine. I respected his faith while not sharing it. I admired him all the more for not letting bitterness at the Church's treatment of gays taint his generous nature.

From time to time I feel the moment for travel has come.
On the day of leaving, cast a veil
of humble sunset-glaze.
Let the time to leave
be quiet, still. Let no pompous memorials
build the hypnosis of grieving.
Let the lines of trees by the departure door
bestow the tranquil chanting of earth
on quiet heaps of leaves.
Let night’s soundless blessing slowly descend,
iridescent offerings of the seven stars. Tagore

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