Saturday, March 9, 2013

The gap between making art and selling it

Here is a whole page of her videos:

Thanks to my friend, Sheree Rensel:


Zoomie said...

The quilt behind her is wonderful, a departure from the norm and a wonderful piece. Her video made me wonder about why artists want to sell their work at all. I realize there is the hope that they can live on the proceeds, but there must be more than that, some deep need to have their work seen and appreciated on some level. Otherwise, why risk the rejections and the craziness? Maybe you have thoughts about the artists' motivations for "peddling" art, as she calls it?

nancy namaste said...

I think we do it because we want both the money and the validation. Living on one's art work is a dream that many artists have. But, for me at least, it would have been the validation that my work was actually being looked at and valude. Alas, for me, as for most artists, we make little money and find even less validation. But then, in general, the real arts, requiring thought and skill, are not valued here.