Thursday, May 9, 2013

Superman at the Cartoon Art Museum, new work at Creativity Explored

Colored Circles by Beth Zmerzlika
 Creativity Explored is one of my favorite art spaces in the Bay Area. A team of dedicated teachers and guides work with the disabled to help them create wonderful art. Through that art, these "artists with disabilities" are able to connect with the wider world.

"Space," the latest exhibit is a gallery experience consisting of sculpture-based work made from recycled materials, paired with sound, video, and light components. More than a dozen Creativity Explored artists worked collaboratively to create a space of their own, working alongside the exhibition’s curators to create an “out-of-the frame,” conceptual environment.

Superman at the Cartoon Art Museum - celebrating 75 years of America's "it's a bird, it's a's Superman.." and
Gary Bukovnik's watercolors at Thomas Reynolds.
A&A with the artist: Q&A with Bukovnik:

Management changes at the Museum of the African Diaspora

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